On the Farm

Our bison socks are work in all kinds of tough farm and ranch conditions. Whether it is our feeding the animals in the wet summer days or cold winter days, bison socks simply can’t be beat! We know – as we are ranchers ourselves and some of us only bison socks – even the Kenai and BOSS socks for summer. What we like most is that they are made from all natural fibers, manufactured in North America, and a unique bison product we can be proud of selling to our customers. In fact, most of the times our bison socks sell themselves – after you have tried a pair, you will likely order more for your other farm family members. After one rancher we know tried them, his wife made him order 12 more pairs for herself and their farmhands! Tried and tested on the farm, our socks really fit:

Comfort for long days on your feet
Super soft, no itch, no scratch feeling, provide soft support

Damp and wet
Moisture wicking properties keeps moisture away from your skin

Bison fiber is the most insulating natural fiber of them all

Odor suppression
Anti-microbial properties of bison fiber keep your feet from smelling after several days of wear.

We spin fine Marino wool and bison fiber into strong threads, so our socks are strong

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Check out our farm and rancher testimonials:

Heidi and Bruce D - Ranchers
“Love them! They have made a great difference outside. When my husband brought home a pair I had to order a whole bunch for all of our family – as we all work on the ranch in cold and wet conditions”

Colby B.– RODEO
“My Kenai Boot socks were great for the long days in cowboy boots roping and travelling between rodeos”

Keith S. – Trucker/ Rancher
“I put the Kenai Boot socks on and used them for 3 days – they didn’t smell and helped keep my legs from swelling. I am really impressed and am going to buy a few more pair and get some for my brother!”