On the Worksite

O’Canada Bison Wool socks are made for all kinds of tough, cold, or wet worksite conditions. In fact, the workplace is perhaps where our socks shine the brightest! This is what our socks are especially designed for:

Comfort for long days on your feet
Super soft, no itch, no scratch feeling, provide soft support

Damp and wet
Moisture wicking properties keeps moisture away from your skin

Bison fiber is the most insulating natural fiber of them all

Odor suppression
Anti-microbial properties of bison fiber keep your feet from smelling after several days of wear.

We spin fine Marino wool and bison fiber into strong threads, so our socks are strong

  • Check out these testimonials

    Keith S. – Trucker/ Rancher
    I put the Kenai Boot socks on and used them for 3 days – they didn’t smell and helped keep my legs from swelling. I am really impressed and am going to buy a few more pair and get some for my brother!”

    Taylor P. – Heavy Duty Mechanic
    After wearing the Trekker socks in my steel toe work boots around the shop I won’t wear anything else this winter. They keep my feet warm where no other socks I have tried in the past can. And my wife loves that my socks have no odour even after wearing them for 3 days straight, and that’s saying a lot

    Kyle C. - Oilfield Insulation company owner
    “The trekker socks out-performed all of my expectations. I get the same warmth out of these as a pair of heated socks, with no charging necessary and superior comfort!”

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Looking for a hearty snack to take with you on the jobsite?

Check out our unique bison slab-cut jerky made from prime cuts of grass-fed and grass-finished bison – direct from our ranch to your backpack! Or if you prefer – our pressed Jerky packages are made for a quick snack to keep you going.